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02.19.2022 --- 03.12.2022

La Brea Gallery



Long time no see, I'm back from outer space.

I fueled my capsule up with rage.

Ready to burn these hills up and down,

To break in your mansions from Malibu to Koreatown.

Backstabs, knock outs, tears and solitude

They do nothing to me but improve my attitude.

Burn Hollywood Burn.


Back from the moon, I landed in a shimmering land and I’m ready to rage in it.

These have been roller-coasting months and I've experienced so many different feelings: from astonishment to disbelief, from fulfillment to solitude but hey, rage has always been present.

This drop comes on occasion of my first ever US solo physical show in LA at Lorin Gallery (Feb 18th - March 12th).

Every house depicted in this series of artworks is based on a real Californian mansion of a celebrity plus a famous crypto mansion in Los Angeles.

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