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2021.    Water soluble oil pastels, oil sticks, charcoal, mineral water, and synthetic polymer on raw cotton canvas      45.27 x 39.37 in

Corny Quotes represent CB Hoyo's new explorations of texture and color, compositions of eye-catching proportions, and immense vitality. They provoke the physical plane and lift colorful texts out of the visual realm. First exhibited as part of the artist's Instagram newsfeed in 2019, Corny Quotes were initially conceived as A4 format writings made with printing paper and Crayola crayons. This body of work makes thoughts almost palpable and deeply inspires CB's interest in expressing the inexpressible. His words are as direct and crude as his deliberate use of raw canvas to accentuate the oft-ignored corporeal dimension of language. He sought a medium that would most directly transmit color and meaning without compromising his texts' vibrating energy and flippant humor. Texture, edge, scale, color, movement, ingenuity, simplicity-theses are the painter's real tools. The arbitrary spacing, punctuation, and sloppy calligraphy emphasize the significance of the words rather than the visual aspect of the compositions. How exactly they were painted seems irrelevant; it is their real repercussion what counts. Without placing complete focus on the formal execution of the texts themselves, and by subverting our linguistic expectations, these canvases are an extension of life and depict unprocessed, incendiary, humorous phrases that are viscerally charged for the spectator to hear, smell, and taste; they elicit an instantaneous thrilling sensory response. With a playful aesthetic, CB Hoyo challenges our expectations of painting and thoroughly reinterprets his medium in a modern context.

As a counterpart to these artworks, CB simultaneously creates a new body of highly personal remarks that render inner thoughts hardly palpable. His latest proposal, a fusion between drowned latent messages, emoji images, and colorful, humorous thoughts, emerges from water like a vast black faded iceberg.

To create each work, he first draws and writes on the raw cotton canvas with wax crayons and black oil bars and then thoroughly covers it with a mixture of black acrylic paint and mineral water to create a faded effect. Each surface is then admirably enhanced with either text's inherent power, written with colorful oil water-soluble bars, deeply inspired by the artist's interest in expressing the inexpressible, or with emojis painted with wax crayons and color pencils. This globally recognizable iconography for sure conveys emotions and can pick up where words are falling short. However, CB Hoyo does not hesitate to clarify the intention behind each icon with the authentic nuance of his words.

Thus, the original inner thoughts have become metamorphosed and remain concealed under the water. They symbolically appear in disguise containing messages hidden from conscious awareness, either because of their upsetting or traumatic nature or because they are a portal to a wondrous underworld, the human psyche.

Only a tiny part of the artist's thoughts is visible above the water. Unseen under the surface still lies the enormous bulk of his ideas: the world of the soul, spirit, or thought itself. CB allows glimpses into an inner mental world, his own ingenious and original mind, by constructing a relationship between what lies beneath the surface and the messages of his playful and provocative phrases. He creates a mysterious illusion whose very wonder, from both viewer and artist, is its endless ambiguities and reinterpretations.

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