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12.10.2022 --- 12.31.2022 

Downtown Gallery

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Lorin Gallery, is pleased to present and welcome again after their successful group show with Lorin Gallery Catherine Haggarty and Larissa De Jesús Negrón for their first duo show in our gallery called “Continuous Present”. The opening will be on December 10th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 807 S. Los Angeles Street. Los Angeles, CA 90014.

To say that the pace of artists Catherine Haggarty and Larissa De Jesús Negrón is quick is an understatement. Both artists, based in New York City, work tirelessly and consistently. Their shared interest in the collision of painting and drawing binds both artists together. Their shared interest in pushing the boundaries of spatial logic and bodily references while poking fun at cultural norms fuels the subjectivity of their work. Their dedication to drawing is evident in their representation of objects or outlining of figures. There is an openness to the mediums they use, which allows them to integrate their strengths and limitations in the final painting. For example, the planning and sketching with lines, while still practicing painting on the canvas with color. Both are fascinated by the idea of learning how to draw like a painter and how to paint like a drawer. Amy Sillman’s video - Continuous Present has been an anchor to Catherine’s practice and research for many years.

Catherine Haggarty was born in 1984. She is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Haggarty’s paintings and curatorial work have been reviewed by and featured in several magazines, including Bomb Magazine, Artnet, Hyperallergic, Two Coats of Paint, Brooklyn Magazine, The New York Times, Maake Magazine, Art Maaze Magazine, Art Spiel, Final Friday Podcast, Sound and Vision Podcast, The Black and White Project, Curating Contemporary’s book Eraser, and Young Space.

Catherine has also been a visiting artist and critic at UAlbany MFA (2022), MICA (2022), UCONN MFA (2022), RISD BFA (2022), Pratt BFA (2022), The University of Oregon (2021), Boston University MFA (2021), SUNY Purchase MFA (2020), Hunter MFA (2020), Denison University (2020), Brooklyn College MFA (2019), and Penn State University in 2018.

She has participated in solo and duo shows at (Solo)Living, Geary Contemporary, Bowery, NY (Two Person) Exhibit with Liv Aanrud, Leftfield Gallery, CA, (Solo) An Echo’s Glyph, Massey Klein Gallery, NY;and (Solo) Benched, Main Window, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC.

Haggarty earned her M.F.A. from Mason Gross at Rutgers University in 2011. Currently, Haggarty is an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Haggarty is the Co-Founder and Director of The NYC Crit Club.

Larissa De Jesús Negrón is a multidisciplinary artist who yearns for introspection and finds self- evaluation through her intimate and often otherworldly spaces and portraits. Her stylistically varied neo-surreal imagery is linked to the artist’s curiosity about the subconscious and Neuroticism. Larissa was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She lived in several municipalities, such as Guaynabo, Trujillo Alto, and Caguas, for twenty years. Her commitment to art-making began as early as when she was nine when she excelled in the drawing classes her mother had signed her up for. Larissa went on to study middle school and high school at Central High, the most well-regarded specialized art school in Puerto Rico. After graduating with the school's highest honor, Larissa continued her education at The School of Plastic Arts in Old San Juan, where she began majoring in Drawing and Painting. After two years, she transferred to Hunter College in NYC, where she got her BFA.

Some of her recent solo shows include “Moving On” 2020, a solo exhibition at Sabroso Projects, NYC; ”Detrás del Sol” 2021, a solo exhibition at More Pain Gallery, NYC; "Tiempo al Tiempo” 2022, a solo booth at the Salón Acme art fair / Regular Normal Gallery, CDMX; and Kiaf SEOUL/ Solo Booth, Cassina Projects, 2022, Seoul, South Korea. She also took part in the 2022 ARTFORCHANGE presentation and the Armory Show in New York.

About this exhibition:

Catherine Haggarty: “This exhibition explores the work made in the last five months. It is very much about honoring who and what I love. My life has been shaped and formed in earnest by athletics. In the passing of my Dad - who was an incredible athlete, I have been paying attention to physical remembrances of him and our shared connection (sneakers and wood grain courts and homes), along with the ephemeral shadows that surrounded his final days and weeks filtered by windows and light. This show is to illustrate the long-held idea of painting and drawing as a way to honor those you love and/or are in awe of. In this work, light plays a role as much as the forms Haggarty is representing. Images are stitched together by drawing, taking photos, looking, and, of course, inventing. Light moves through windows, onto floors, stairs, steps, and the rooms we inhabit.”

Larissa De Jesús Negrón: “ Finding presence is the main theme for. She describes it as one of the hardest, if not the hardest “thing” that she has ever tried to find. Because of its intangible essence, presence has to be felt rather than defined. One can speak, write, and understand presence intellectually, but it isn’t until one experiences it that one can be transformed by it. When we are governed by our past and future, our life situation, our problems, and our ambitions, we lose sight of the present moment. This is the reality for most people today. I found myself always searching for something more, always lacking, wanting, and missing. This endless yearning awakened a truth in me, something that is quite difficult to put into words. For the longest time, I believed that happiness lay in the future when I would have more success, more validation, more money, and more meaningful relationships, but this was an illusion that was keeping me in a state of dissatisfaction, another form of suffering. As I feel my own presence and Being, I realize that what I have been truly missing is acceptance. I needed to accept my life as it was, stop resisting, and be still.”

The exhibition will run from December 10th to December 31st in our La Brea Gallery space.

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