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Christina Allan

06.25.2022 --- 07.09.2022

Downtown LA Gallery


Christina Allan (b. 1995) is fueled by the individual and collective anxieties that surround the human condition and psyche, one's self, and one's relation to the world.


Known for her highly expressive and vibrant paintings, Allan’s work explores profound aspects of the human experience. This stems from her interest in authentic psychological and philosophical struggles that we ultimately face, including the inability of a finite being to comprehend the infinite (the universe) – or the classic existential struggle.


From dramatic mythical scenes to introspective psychological portraits, Allan’s work populates a world of fantastical creatures varying from angels, deities, and spirits, to the Grim Reaper – a recurring character in her work, often portrayed through a humanistic lens. A blend of abstraction and figuration, her painted narratives take place in a realm that is dreamy yet real, mirroring how existence can at times feel like a rigged game or fleeting dream. Ambiguous creatures drift in a dreamlike dimension without a clear direction or destination, provoking questions surrounding their identity, existence, and meaning.


Allan’s work is largely informed by philosophical ideas, including existentialist writings, in addition to the mythology of ancient civilizations. She views myths as a representation of a complex and unchanged human experience, and the expression of universal concerns and passions. Similar to how ancient mythological Gods and Goddesses served as answers to the mysteries of a meaningless world and universe, Allan’s painted narratives present an in-between space and state – an escape from an absurd quotidian existence.


Bold and colorful, Allan’s paintings are executed using materials including acrylic and oil paint, spray paint, oil stick, modeling paste, and more. Her process begins with sketching characters and scenes that are eventually brought to life on canvas. She works in a continuous cycle of mark-making that forms vibrant, multi-layered, and multi-textured outcomes. The result is an energetic blend of vibrant and hazy spray-painted forms and carefully constructed compositions.


Allan views art as her purpose and an inherent part of her identity that reveals her most authentic self. She believes her subconscious guides her making and believes her work is a necessary outlet for confronting deep-rooted ideas about her existence. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Parsons the New School for Design in 2017 and was awarded the institution’s Dean’s BFA Scholarship. Her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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