Born in Tokyo. Painter who depicts street view she visited traveling and landscape she has been imagining since youth, only in white, black and gray.  In these city/landscape, LY places a monster which is a projection of her thoughts and feelings.  Studied painting at an art school when she was small.  In high school, she encountered street art, murals and graffiti which gave her a huge influence on where she is right now. She currently is aiming to create new communication through her mural in each city. 

東京を中心に日本、アメリカ、パリ、バンコク、マレーシアなど国内外でミューラルを残し、 自分が想像する完璧なランドスケープをストリートの壁に描くために制作している。
また、残したミューラルやストリートアートがローカルに根付くこと、その作品を通した人々とのコミュニケーションを 目指し制作している。

“GO TO THE LUV’S SKATE SHOP”.    2020.     Acrylic on canvas.    100 x 100cm

“LUVS are peeking from grey woods"    2020  Acrylic on Canvas.    90 x 90 cm

“The Luv's town"    2020  Acrylic on Canvas.    80 x 80 cm

“eternal landscape"    2020  Acrylic on Canvas.    130 x 130 cm