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 Matt Gondek

10.16.2020 --- 10.25.2020

Avenue des Arts from Los Angeles is proud to present MOOD SWINGS, the first-ever solo exhibition by Matt Gondek in Paris. The show will consist of 20 pieces from acrylic paintings to inked illustrations.

MOOD SWINGS highlights everything that encompasses the year 2020. Though many see the downfalls of our current times with the climate, police brutality, and pandemic; Gondek’s exhibition brings a bit of positivity as well.

“Although I’m deconstructing characters from people’s memories and childhoods, the overall reaction I get back tends to be happiness and excitement. I think people like to see things they recognize in a new way. I know I do.”

MOOD SWINGS process also brought a balance of contrary forces. Though the act of painting brings joy to Gondek and the intention of this exhibition was to create bright and happier pieces the events of 2020 influenced darker themes.

With the added nostalgia & humor mixed with the pandemonium the pieces alternate from negative to positive moods.

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