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06.25.2021 --- 07.31.2021


Avenue des Arts is thrilled to present a second solo exhibition with the renowned New York City graffiti phenomenon UFO907. UFO, a self-described ‘Neighborhoodlem,’ fills the gallery walls with nineteen painstakingly handcrafted canvases, contoured to the outline of each painting, leaving the astute viewer mystified at how these unlikely shapes were created. The artist’s use of aerosol spray can as his main medium brings an unpredictable rawness, and frenetic energy to his work. The temper a mental, unwieldy nature of the spray paint is juxtaposed with the use of acrylic fabric paint, bringing a slow, meditative quality, or out breath, to his craft. UFO hacks his spray cans with homemade caps and various nozzles, allowing him to produce the fine lines of classic painting with this fundamentally unwieldy medium. While the unpredictability of spray paint on the surface is conducive to the spontaneity and magic UFO brings to life in his pieces, the artist is masterful and in full control, adding layers and texture with intentionality to balance the spontaneity and whimsy.

“NeighborHoodlems” is a tribute to the soul and vitality of UFO’s hometown of NYC. Each canvas features the well-known, ever-evolving, signature UFO character, inhabiting varied city landscapes, giving the viewer an honest glimpse into the gritty, raw cityscape that UFO and his homies call home. An unconventional beauty emanates from these recreated scenes or moments in time. While his paintings often depict ordinary, everyday city settings (a stoop in the Bronx, a dumpster in Queens) each scene is made vital and alive, through the layered stories being told.

Throughout history New York’s most revered icons have gone against the grain and experimented on the edge, at the boundary of what is currently acceptable. These paintings honor those experimenting on the edge, “hoodlums” of our time, both legendary, and every day, with an especial nod to UFO907’s closest friends. 

Please join us for the opening of this fantastic exhibition, NeighborHoodlems, on Friday, June 25th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday, June 25th to Saturday, July 31st with no appointments required.

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