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Lorin Gallery Is Hosting a New Exhibition Centered Around the Joys of Collecting Prints

It’s no secret, entering the art market is often cold and intimidating — where the sheer prices alone shy many away from ever beginning in the first place. If only collecting art was as fun as experiencing it. Well, it can be and not for the exorbitant costs that is often thought of to amass a collection.

Cyril Brechbuhl is an emerging curator who reminds you of the merits of collecting prints. Fun, affordable and highly limited, prints and editions are an enticing way to first enter the game. Housed at Lorin Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, the former trainer of the French Tennis Federation is showcasing his vast collection of print editions spanning prominent and emerging artists, such as Hajime Sorayama, Peter Saul, Paul Insect, Samantha Rosenwald, Joakim Ojanen, Cristina BanBan, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe and more.

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