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01.23.2021 --- 02.13.2021


Recent Paintings 

Avenue des Arts is pleased to announce the first-ever solo exhibition for Melbourne, Australia-born artist Rhys Lee in Los Angeles, CA. Rhys Lee’s Recent Paintings exhibition brings back his recognizable outlined figures painted with rich oil hues and textures on canvas.

The majority of his new pieces show masked figures placed in an ideal dreamy beach environment-most missed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than being disheartening the pieces bright and vibrant colors paired with the humorous figures bring a bit of hopefulness to the viewer. Lee’s amusing characters lifting off their ominous masks, instead, wear colorful bows and celebrate by holding martinis and champagne. The joyousness is represented in all of what we have desired the most to do during the long quarantines-being outdoors and playing with beach balls, swimming, and relaxing while reclining.

The elimination of Covid-19 in Melbourne Australia is represented in Rhys Lee’s beach scenes almost celebrating the end of the quarantined lifestyle. Having these pieces showing in Los Angeles, California, one of the current top cities in the world with the highest Covid-19 cases, is almost paradoxical.

Rhys Lee debuts this new optimistic imagery within all of his most recent paintings for his first solo exhibition with Avenue des Arts.

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