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03.13.2021 --- 04.10.2021

The Things I Think I Need and What I Really Need

The title work “The Things I Think I Need/ and What I Really Need” is about rethinking the notions of what is truly important to us, and to strip back life to its essence. These artworks are a more developed and pared-back iteration of Jeremyville’s ‘Community Service Announcements’ message-driven art that’s been developed since 2010. The painted, graphic style is a progression from that: more abstracted rather than literal.

These works represent Studio Jeremyville’s journey through painting, drawing, and sculpture, to arrive at a series of large scale works that helped navigate life during the lockdown months.

The body of work was created almost entirely during the Studio’s time in quarantine and represents some of artist Jeremyville’s innermost thoughts, and personal reassessment from a sense of solitude that we all felt. A time that brought up lots of questions about life, our future, our relationship to other people, and the things that matter most in life. Self-isolation offers us a time of introspection, to reflect on the things that truly matter, and to re-evaluate and question the way we used to exist in this world, pre lockdown.

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