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Yam Shalev

09.10.2022 --- 10.01.2022

La Brea Gallery



This show (Transformation) built out of 10 paintings on canvas, dealing with the personal transformation one can go through while facing big change in life. Each one of the works dealing with separated experience which depicted personal moments as love, longing, healing, home, places and social surrounding. By this show, I took the opportunity to share personal moments from my life which left either an impact or a strong memory about my experience going throughout big change in my life, both consciously and subconsciously. Although my paintings are considered a "still-life" paintings, I draw my inspiration from my personal life, specifically from the people around me, and documenting these moments and to be hopefully marked in time. Using food as my main motif represents the culture where I'm coming from, when the strongest way to connect, show love, celebrate and gathered is around the table. But also as a way to filter each moment and experience the way I see it or felt it at the time. Although you won't find any figures in my canvases, these are people that I'm painting about. I'm attempting to capture those around me by the objects, places, atmosphere and scene, with the idea to leave space for the figures to be "free" of bodies and form and to have their existence free from interpretation.In this series of painting that document my highlights events from the last year, I'm also debating art history, post-digital culture, consumption culture and social trends by implementing repeated objects and topics that keeps showing up ongoing in my paintings alongside personal notes , comments and thoughts that can be found in the paintings.And by this style I'm trying to simply be the best representation of myself, without trying to create anything new or complicated.

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