"Fly Away"     2021.    Oil on Canvas     40 x 30 in

Yang's paintings explore how humans have altered their relationship with nature in the establishment of science and philosophy. The influence of Eastern and Western culture leads her to creates an uncanny but believable world, which indicates the conflict between the optimism of modern people and the absurd reality of society. As virtual technology gradually invades our lives and the power of replicability and reversibility emerge, will the customs and morals of the past remain relevant in the future?  Each painting is a question she poses to the viewer, designed to challenge their perceptions of the past and their expectations for the future.

"Hear the Call".     2021.    Oil on Canvas     20 x 16 in

“Outlook”.    2021.     Oil on Canvas    20 x 16 in

“Poetic Justice”.    2021.     Oil on Canvas    24 x 30 in

“Fly Away”.    2021.     Oil on Canvas    40 x 30 in