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Come experience the unique contemporary art space of the Lorin Gallery, founded by Dimitri and Jennifer Lorin in Los Angeles. We provide a platform for emerging and mid-career talents to showcase their work and bring together artists, curators and collectors alike! 

Our flagship Melrose location offers a variety of solo and group shows by emerging artists as well as pieces from our own collection. But that's not all - simultaneous exhibitions are hosted at the Downtown location too! Be sure to visit us at either (or both!) locations for an unforgettable artistic experience like no other.



Before embarking on his career as a Gallerist, Art Collector and Curator, Dimitri Lorin was a World-Top Tennis Player competing on professional tournaments for more than a decade. Entering the Art world with this untraditional background, Dimitri also brings with him an uncanonical, unorthodox, and resilient dynamism that exposes the industry to new artistic voices. Bold, athletic, provocative, and egalitarian, the selection of Lorin Gallery has significantly diversified the art landscape in Los Angeles with its Downtown and La Brea locations. 

Dimitri Lorin grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis a North East suburbs of Paris, where Victor Hugo’s Les Misérable was partially set in, and where Director Ladj Ly found his initial inspiration for the 2019 movie bearing the same name. The area also known as nine-three has at the same time seen a translation of the street turmoil into various urban arts including graffiti and murals, and this was where Dimitri Lorin started off. Reflecting on the trajectory of Contemporary Art which has been dramatically modified by Artists with a lineage in Street Arts—Bansky, Invader, Conor Harrington among others—Dimitri Lorin expresses a wider ambition for this art form. He curates exhibitions that allow for modern day expression of the 

art form in oil painting, sculpture, performance, and other media, and are eager to see how classical theme and timeless configuration speak through the contemporary form. 

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Together with his wife Jennifer Duval, Dimitri Lorin opened a first gallery, Avenue des Arts, in Hong Kong in 2013, explicitly highlighting the focus on Street Arts in the gallery’s name. While bringing urban artists to the archetypal city, Hong Kong, the Asian Art Center, has also imbued the gallery’s collection with more Asian elements. In 2016, Lorin Gallery’s first US space opened in Downtown Los Angeles followed by a second venue in the Melrose district in 2020. 

Inheriting from Street Art an inclusive and democratic understanding of Art, Lorin Gallery’s major focus is on young and emerging artists and has successfully brought artists of diverse background, with untraditional training to viewers and collectors in the United States, Asia, and Europe through different Art Fairs. 

Lorin Gallery’s two locations now hold exhibitions simultaneously. The larger Downtown space with 6000 square feet usually incubates group shows that allow conversation between different artists, whereas the more confidential space on La Brea Avenue is usually reserved for solo and duo exhibitions. As 

part of the exhibition, Lorin Gallery also has a public program featuring interview with artists, video walk-through, and an incoming podcast channel that aims at bringing art’s immediacy beyond temporal and spatial limits. 

Dimitri Lorin has collaborated with many artists since he began his career as a galerist such as Catherine Haggarty, Willem Jacques Hoeffnagel, Suanjaya Kencut, Erin Milez, Joseph Munyao, Christian Quintin, Socko, Yam Shalev, Suzuki Takako, LY among other artists.

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