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Art Central, Hong Kong 2022

Booth B-4

Matt Gondek, Vincent Arnold, Erin Milez, Suzuki Takako, Bijijoo, Pedro Troncoso, Suanjaya Kencut and UFO907

May 25th - 29th 2022

Booth photos for Lorin Gallery-1.jpg
Booth photos for Lorin Gallery-2.jpg
Booth photos for Lorin Gallery-3.jpg

"Frost"  Bijijoo  2022.    Oil, Acrylic, Pastel on Canvas        31 ½  x  31 ½ in


"Goodluck"  Erin Milez.   2022.    Oil and Acrylic Ink on Canvas Panel.     18 x 24 in

Dear Reptar, BS means beauty patterns.jpeg

"Dear Reptar, BS means beauty patterns"  Pedro Troncoso   2022.    Oil and Acrylic on Canvas        31  x  36 in

Vincent Arnold-Now Cheesier-2022-1-crop.jpg

"Now Cheesier"  Vincent Arnold  2022.    Acrylic and Glitters on wood panel        36 x  48 in

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-19 at 11.45.36 PM.jpeg

"Untitled"  Suzuki Takako  2022.    Acrylic on Canvas       39 3/8  x  31 ½  in

WishFul Thinking.jpg

"Wishful Thinking"  Matt Gondek  2022.    Acrylic on Canvas       48 x  36  in

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