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Booth F7

Joseph Munyao Baraka, Catherine Haggarty, Larissa De Jesús Negrón,

and Christian Quintin, 

May 10th - 13th 2023

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Lorin Gallery has the pleasure to announce that between May 10th to May 13th we will be at Future Fair, New York. Bringing to the city a multicultural and multinational combination of artists respectively from Kenya, Puerto Rico, France and United States, Lorin Gallery’s booth celebrates the vibrant diversity at Chelsea and emphasizes the joyfulness of reunion and re-gathering in the post-Covid world.


Joseph Munyao continues his long-winded exploration of the visual language distinctive to African artists. Bold, unabashed, textured, his painting has enacted a direct translation from emotion to color.


Larissa De Jesús Negrón is a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico. For this year’s fair, her stylistically varied neosurreal imagery is linked to the artist’s curiosity about the subconscious and neuroticism.


Catherine Haggarty, a Brooklyn-based artist, brings to Future Fair a gauzy visual limbo. In her painting, objects are returned to their primordial form, half-dissolved, melting into each other. The painting’s aesthetics resists the gravity from clarity. Haggarty’s work challenges the inertia of our visual behavior towards the unchanged, stable, and definitive images.


French artist and poet Christian Quintain continues his method which transcend the encapsulation of time and space. Resonating with the pulse of cosmological breath, he uses the motifs of trees to create a poetically-meandering visual space

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Born in 1998, Joseph Munyao is a Kenyan artist whose training background is drastically different from the traditional artistic education. Having engaged in drawing from an early age, Munyao’s artistic inspiration is more democratic and oftentimes comes from cartoons, picture books, magazines and even advertisement. All forms of visual materials are fed to his creative earnest, and the initial dissemination of Munyao’s work in return nurtures the egalitarian power dynamics through social media.


Color is key part of Munyao’s practice. Although applied instinctively, there is a delicate balance in his vibrant pallet which includes blues, purples, hot pinks, yellows, and reds. The use of color creates a visual explosion on the canvas whereas the calm, balanced composition provides a more tranquil framework to set boundary for the passionate color.


Munyao’s work is as surreal as it is figurative presenting the physical aspects of his subjects alongside the imagined and perceived reality of their personalities. This can mean a combination of technique, color, pattern and objects. These varied aspects unify to communicate the essence of the people he has chosen to photograph and then paint, using the many parts captured in a photoshoot and assimilating them into one work. Drawn to wildness in a person Munyao’s subjects are irreverent and unapologetic, surrounded by ephemera that amplifies their personalities whether that is a handbag, a friendly cat, a smoking dog, evocative text or a pile of books. The spirit of his subjects is in every part of his paintings as they stare defiantly, or sit lost in the music on their headphones or hang back in a pair of sunglasses.


Previous exhibition for Munyao includes Art Basel Miami with Superzoom gallery (2021), Ballon Rouge (BHM) group exhibition in Brussels Belgium (2022), The Cabin in LA California by Danny First (2022), PM/AM gallery group show in London (2022), Superzoom gallery grand opening group exhibition in Paris France (2022), Eligere gallery group exhibition in Seoul Korea (2022), (KIAF PLUS) with Eligere gallery in Seoul Korea (2022)

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Larissa De Jesús Negrón is a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico. After graduating with the highest honor from the most well-regarded specialized art school in Puerto Rico, Larissa continued her education at The School of Plastic Arts in Old San Juan, where she began majoring in Drawing and Painting. Two years later, she got her BFA from Hunter College in New York. Negrón yearns to introspect and find self-evaluation through her intimate and often otherworldly spaces and portraits. Her stylistically varied neo-surreal imagery is linked to the artist’s curiosity about the subconscious and Neuroticism. Daring, uncanny, distorted, and sometimes off-putting, the provocative subject in Negrón’s painting bears a thematic weight that searches to strike at the taboo and evoke honesty towards the innermost exploration.


Some of her recent solo shows include “Moving On” 2020, a solo exhibition at Sabroso Projects, NYC; ”Detrás del Sol” 2021, a solo exhibition at More Pain Gallery, NYC; "Tiempo al Tiempo” 2022, a solo booth at the Salón Acme art fair / Regular Normal Gallery, CDMX; and Kiaf SEOUL/ Solo Booth, Cassina Projects, 2022, Seoul, South Korea. She also took part in the 2022 ARTFORCHANGE presentation and the Armory Show in New York.

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Catherine Haggarty, b. 1984, is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Haggarty earned her M.F.A from Mason Gross, Rutgers University in 2011. Currently, Haggarty is an adjunct professor at The School of Visual Arts (SVA). Haggarty is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The NYC Crit Club.


Haggarty’s artistic inspiration includes the Chauvet and Lascaux cave painting as well as the history of New York painting that is in turn modified by her intuitive, fluid method. Experimenting with multimedia materials including acrylic, oil paint and crayon, Haggarty creates a gauzy visual limbo that seems to be born behind the crystalline lens. In her painting, objects are returned to their primordial form, half-dissolved, melting into each other, an aesthetic that resists the gravity from clarity. Haggarty’s work challenges the inertia of our visual behavior towards the unchanged, stable, and definitive images. It demands us, on the contrary, to stay in the uncertainty, the dreaminess, to be boldly face to face with the true form of our mental images. Haggarty’s paintings and curatorial work have been reviewed by and featured in Bomb Magazine, Artnet, Hyperallergic, Two Coats of Paint, Brooklyn Magazine, The New York Times, Maake Magazine, Art Maaze Magazine, Art Spiel, Final Friday Podcast, Sound and Vision Podcast, The Black and White Project, Curating Contemporary’s book Eraser, and Young Space.


Catherine has been a visiting artist & critic at Rutgers MFA (2022), MICA (2022), UCONN MFA (2022), RISD BFA (2022), Pratt BFA (2022), The University of Oregon (2021), Boston University MFA (2021), UNY Purchase MFA (2020), Hunter MFA (2020), Denison University (2020), Brooklyn College MFA (2019) and in 2018 Haggarty was the Anderson Endowed Lecturer at Penn State University. Solo & Two Person exhibitions include: Untitled Miami, Lorin Gallery, LA, Geary Contemporary (NYC), Massey Klein Gallery (NYC), This Friday Next Friday (Brooklyn), Bloomsburg University (PA), One River School of Art and Design, Proto Gallery (NJ), and Look and Listen in Marseille France. Select group exhibitions include: The PIT (LA), Mindy Solomon (Miami, FL), Andrew Rafcaz (Chicago, IL), Hesse Flatow (NYC), and McBride Contemporary in Montreal, Canada.

Christian Quintin was born in Saint Brieuc, a town on the Northern coast of Brittany, France. He attended the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris before moving to the United States in 1981. Right now, Christian lives in Northern California and recently published his first book of poems.


“I create oils and pastel paintings as well as pen and ink and graphite drawings, alternating between mediums; like in music, each piece calls for its own instrument. My work addresses consciousness, what I see or feel, have seen or felt. As in a kaleidoscope, each plane is ubiquitous with ever-changing boundaries. I also paint or draw oneness, love, and romantic landscapes.”


“I wish my art to be seen as one would read poetry, hopeful that one would wander into its imagery. I do not have a message but feel compelled to convey the feelings that flow through me as I attempt to create something beautiful. My work escapes time and space while expressing the spirit that I share with a river or a tree.”


Christian’s pen and ink drawings, oils, and pastel paintings have been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows, in galleries and museums including the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Christian was represented by the famed Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco and New York, which gave his first U.S. show to M.C. Escher. He has also been the recipient of numerous public and private commissions.

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