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Larissa de Jesus Negrón

escuchando los gritos de mi voz interna (1).jpg

Larissa De Jesús Negrón is a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico. After graduating with the highest honor from the most well-regarded specialized art school in Puerto Rico, Larissa continued her education at The School of Plastic Arts in Old San Juan, where she began majoring in Drawing and Painting. Two years later, she got her BFA from Hunter College in New York.

Negrón yearns to introspect and find self-evaluation through her intimate and often otherworldly spaces and portraits. Her stylistically varied neo-surreal imagery is linked to the artist’s curiosity about the subconscious and Neuroticism. Daring, uncanny, distorted, and sometimes off-putting, the provocative subject in Negrón’s painting bears a thematic weight that searches to strike at the taboo and evoke honesty towards the innermost exploration.

Some of her recent solo shows include “Moving On” 2020, a solo exhibition at Sabroso Projects, NYC; ”Detrás del Sol” 2021, a solo exhibition at More Pain Gallery, NYC; "Tiempo al Tiempo”
2022, a solo booth at the Salón Acme art fair / Regular Normal Gallery, CDMX; and Kiaf SEOUL/ Solo Booth, Cassina Projects, 2022, Seoul, South Korea. She also took part in the 2022
ARTFORCHANGE presentation and the Armory Show in New York.

"Escuchando los gritos de mi voz interna"  Larissa de Jesus.  .  2022.    Acrylic on Canvas     27.9 x 35.6 cm

"Childlike Joy"     Acrylic, Resin, Oil, and Soft Pastels on Canvas,    2022     Larissa de Jesus.         96x60in


"Childlike Joy"     Acrylic, Resin, Oil, and Soft Pastels on Canvas,    2022     Larissa de Jesus.         96x60in

"Theres still so much work to do"     Larissa de Jesus.  2022.    Acrylic and soft pastel on canvas       91.4 x 91.4 cm

Tryingtoquietthemind,24x30,acrylic,softpastels,oil on canvas,2022.jpg

"Trying To Quiet The Mind"    Acrylic, Soft Pastels Oil on Canvas,     2022     Larissa de Jesus.         24x30 inches

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