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Matt Gondek is a Deconstructive Pop Artist, whose work is possessed with a punk rock spirit, celebrating rebellion and destruction. With a visceral pop color palette and a disarmingly playful tone, he tears down cartoon idols, akin to slaughtering our modern day gods. Born in 1982, his creative voice is rooted in the 90s; as a true conduit of his generation and their potentially pointless search for meaning and purpose amidst a cruel life in a flawed world.

Drawn to the clean lines, bright colors and accessibility of comic books, cartoons and video games, Matt’s skill lies in his ability to replicate the clean graphic style of digital illustration in his paintings. A self–taught artist, Matt’s creedo is “Figure it out as you go along.”  Now a successful international artist, Matt has certainly figured it out, securing large mural commissions in Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Las Vegas, and selling more than 75 paintings in the past 3 years.  He has had many successful gallery shows across the US as well as Paris, Singapore, and the UK. He has sold 15 pieces to collectors in Hong Kong, where the love of American Pop Culture is legendary.  His work also resides with collectors in Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, and Brazil.


ChildrenTornFromTheirMothers  2021.    Acrylic on Canvas.     48 x 72 in

WishFul Thinking.jpg

"Wishful Thinking    2022    Acrylic on Canvas.    48 x 36 in

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HeadlikeaHole cut out.png

“Head Like A Hole,   2022    Acrylic on Canvas.    60 x 80 in


“The Past Is Told By Those Who Win (Earth),     2021    Acrylic on Canvas.    46 x 60 in


“Deconstructed Homer” (Pink Cocaine)     2020    Acrylic on Canvas.    36 x 48 in

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