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Oky Rey Montha was born on January 3, 1986 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Grew in the mountainous areas of the Karo tribe. North Sumatera, Indonesia. His father’s background as an artist makes Montha familiar with the world of art. Since childhood, he often participated in and won painting competitions. The harsh environment and poor life make Montha more mature than his age. Getting help with working parents makes his playing time too short, so he become familiar with the world of comics. Comics were a medicine to full fill the imagination of his childhood-playing time, and the surreal world is something he can not help but accept in his childhood.

Montha spent 7 years of education in Indonesia Art Institute in Yogyakarta as a student majoring in visual communication design. During his college, he founded the TempatKencink (TK) art community which was engaged in the art event organizer and the Design & Communication Drawing Foundation (DDF). Here he learned lots about the technical issues of visual arts and built social relations in a multi-cultural campus environment. Montha learned lots about art management, image-branding, reading sign and illustrations. The design knowledge he learned then used when he chose the path in pure art.

Montha is known to be active in creating multi-media art. His work is unlimited. Ranging from paintings, drawings, photography, video, installations, sculptures, digital-imaging, music, etc. The media he uses depends in the comfort in which the idea is applied. He wrote a lot of lyrics for songs with language that concern taste, sculptures to commemorate certain moments and painting for inner satisfaction or sometimes the opposite for other needs.

From 2010, he actively held solo exhibitions both locally and abroad every year until now, also active in group exhibition, art fair and charity. In 2015, he began developing a leather product craft brand called Hozpit with the aim of mass psychology research in this digital social era. As the owner, he was involved in production to marketing to find out the development from the minds of the people around him and himself, with the aim of reading the signs of present and the future. Those thoughts were then packaged in his surreal pop works which always contained symbols of life.

“Chill"    2022  Acrylic on Canvas.   47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in.   120 x 120 cm.

2022-08-02 - Chill.jpg

“Hymn For Yellow"    2022  Acrylic on Canvas.  47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in.   120 x 120 cm.

2022-08-02 - Hymn For Yellow.jpg

“The Moment"    2021  Acrylic on Canvas.   48 x 48 in

“The Deafman Anthem"    2021  Acrylic on Canvas.   39 x 39 in

"Rusty Road"   2021  Acrylic on Canvas.   48 x 48 in

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