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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

After a year full of personal and professional challenges, self growth, and revelations, Matt Gondek brings us a series of new paintings that take a step away from his usual work and move towards a more serious and darker tone showing refine and control in his skills. These 13 new paintings and 10 ft. tall museum grade sculpture show how Gondek has regained control of his life and career, all the while celebrating his triumph as he starts a new chapter in his life.

For Matt Gondek’s first solo exhibition with Avenue des Arts in the US, Gondek focuses more on the quality and concepts behind his pieces, in comparison to his previous exhibitions all over the world. He also brings to life his childhood love of comic books and growing up in the punk rock scene. Matt Gondek pushes past his typical style of deconstructed pop icons and brings an element of storytelling into each of his pieces. By limiting the number of paintings, Gondek is able to focus on each of his pieces and add more thought to each scene. Matt Gondek’s CONTROL ventures into darker themes but still maintains his energetic and action-packed imagery.

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