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Suzuki Takako was born and raised in Japan. Takako is a self-taught emerging artist whose narratives can look simple and candid. The elongated child-like characters in her artwork are graceful, soft, vibrant, and illustrative of mundane life. Her paintings have distinctive elements. She expresses sensitive emotions by using various delicate colors and a high level of complex expressions. Each individual's behaviors convey feelings about some problems, joy, or anxiety.  As more people see her artwork and the characters live in the viewer’s hearts, she hopes the world inside her will expand and create new perspectives for her creativity.

“ Daily experiences leave an impression on me, which inspires my work even though I'm not conscious of it. It can be touched by nature, from food, or animal fur. Recently, happy feelings are one factor that inspires me to create work. For example, “I want to meet someone, or this was so delicious!”


“My spirit you want-あなたが欲しがる私のたましい"    2021.   Acrylic on Canvas.    51 1/4 x 51 1/4 in

“There Are Beautiful Things That Only You Can Find"  2021  Acrylic on Canvas.    20.8 x 18 in

“5 of me"   2015  Acrylic on Canvas.    13 x 16 in

“Here As I Become Awaken, "   2021  Acrylic on Canvas.    39.3 x 39.3 in.