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As a figurative painter, I create characters that are, in a way, involuntary self-portraits reflecting my own identity. This interpersonal concept goes further than my simple point of view and refers also to metaperception, meaning the perception an individual has regarding someone else’s perception towards himself. Many painters chose to claim their origins, genders and

sexual orientations but, in opposition to many of those artists, the social group to which i be-long is privileged: I am a cis straight white man. This approach allows me to represent my own identity in a subjective way, contrasting with the artistic tendency to portray the cis straight white man in an objective way.

The characters i create are satires that allow me to discuss contemporary social issues such as stereotypes regarding masculinity, social integrity, ecology, etc. Furthermore, the objects surrounding the main character support the social concept I wish to evoke. They are selected for what their great resonance in the collective imagination and they also allow me to shape the protagonist’s personality, given that our consumption is a way to express how we belong to
various social groups. Most of the time, these objects are man-made so that the spectator has a feeling of temporality and familiarity regarding what they are looking at. This inspiration from the artistic movement Pop Art allows me at the same time to criticize the consumerism of the 21st century. This cynical point of view of the world contrasts with the colorful esthetics and the humorous side of my paintings. To guide the eye on the composition and allow it to focus on some elements in particular, some of them are painted in a hyperrealistic way while some others are schematized and geometric like a photographic focus. Also, hyper expressive facial features and wide eyes somehow make my characters vulnerable to the world surrounding them, dis-
connected from a changing reality. In short, my canvases express a dark and critical perception of the cis straight white man.


"Masculinity"   2021.    Acrylic and Pencil on Paper 1x Canvas.   16 x 20 in

Vincent Arnold-Alpha-2022-1.jpg

"Alpha"   2022.    Acrylic and Pencil on Paper 1x Canvas.   48 x 36 in

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