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10.07.2022 --- 10.29.2022

Downtown LA Gallery



We couldn’t be more excited to bring back SOCKO's incredible work to our Downtown Los Angeles gallery with his first solo exhibition with us titled “A Whole New World”, in collaboration with Leagueoto and opening October 7th from 6pm through 8pm.Socko was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1993. Socko studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York. As of today, Socko is an independent artist based in New York. Socko’s new work explores imagination through the character Dough. Inspired by 90s cartoons and toys, Socko takes viewers to his imaginary world filled with vibrant colors and raw textures.Socko hoped to create something that everyone can resonate with, hence the creation of the imaginary character, ‘Dough' - with dolly eyes and childlike expressions, Dough encapsulates a profound sense of innocence and nostalgia that is much-needed in this world. The bright color's pastel impression stands inconstant strong contrast to the even brighter artificial hair color. This contrast is pleasing in many ways.Using pastel hues, Socko can produce a stunningly rich, delicate texture.He demonstrates how the deep, rich hues may shine brilliantly and are easy to mix when used properly.He has more creative freedom while using acrylic to choose the texture and consistency. His creations may appear three-dimensional due to the fact that he only uses two media.

In this solo exhibition “A Whole New World” Socko's paintings transport us to a fantasy world of childhood. His artworks depict new experiences he had after coming to Los Angeles at the age of 16.Childhood is giving way to fantasies about who we might become and naturally, we cherish our tender age. The characters "Dough" in his paintings comes back to show us how to: Ride into the unknown, visit new places and to not be afraid to try new activities. Let us open ourselves to our senses and ways of thinking he tells us. A new chapter has begun, so let's leave our comfort zone to take another step, to move forward in the hope of finding a solution to life's puzzles.


The exhibition will run from Otcober7- 29thin our Downtown Gallery space.


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