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12.09.2022 --- 12.31.2022 

La Brea Gallery

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WhatsApp Image 2022-12-09 at 5.02.20 PM.jpeg

This exhibition (Hey Bro!) deals with our perception of masculinity in a contemporary context. Questioning traditional masculinity, Arnold’s new body of work explores new definitions of this genre in response to the #metoo and post-Weinstein. Nevertheless, the Canadian painter expresses and raises questions towards this theme without borrowing a moralizing tone and without forcing the way that the public must think and interpret these concepts.


The narratives are interested in this space between comedy and tragedy whose characters dominate the surface of the painting and are inscribed, piled up and react with the four sides of the canvas. These virile and stoic figures exist while being simultaneously vulnerable by their excessively large eyes which reveal their emotions. In addition, by prioritizing a graphic approach and the use of flat colors, the compositions of the twelve figurative paintings in this exhibition are characterized by the absence of depth in favor of the surface. Hey Bro! invites viewers to start a conversation around masculinity by highlighting these multiple contradictory reflections.

The exhibition will run from December 9th to December 31st in our La Brea Gallery space. Learn more about the Lorin Gallery 

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