Suanjaya Kencut

Hero Boys Series - Break, 80cm x 60cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022.jpg

As a child of Bali,  He understood how rich his land was in culture, with a treasure trove of artistic creations resulting from the interconnections of history, traditions, and religions.
Art has been a part of his life since he was in vocational high school, and it served as the foundation for his painting practice. Following that, he continued his education in art at the Yogyakarta Indonesian Art Institute.

His tunnel vision on art, which had previously been limited to the island's traditions, began to broaden to include more diverse perspectives of the world beyond. That's how his button-eyed creatures came to be.  His current artistic skill set is and has always been tied to the accumulation of experiences embedded within his subconscious since childhood. His works reflect all relevant past experiences. These characters are easily recognized as stuffed dolls with whimsical patterns and buttons for the eyes. The visual elements of these works were inspired by a chance conversation between him and Ary Indra, a well-known Indonesian architect, just before an exhibition.

"Hero Boys Series - Break"  Suanjaya Kencut.  2022.    Acrylic on Canvas       80 x 60 cm

"Hero Boys Series - Lazy Pose"  Suanjaya Kencut.  2022.    Acrylic on Canvas       80 x 60 cm