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Curated by Cyril Brechbuhl

08.13.2022 --- 08.27.2022

Downtown LA Gallery

"Banging the Drum"  Yoshitomo Nara  2020.    Offset Lithograph in colors on paper.  Framed.    27 x 17 inches   68.6 x 43.2 cm

 Lorin Gallery is pleased to present theIconic edition, an exhibition of editions ofoutstanding artists curated by Cyril Brechbuhl. With this exhibition, Lorin Gallery and Cyril Brechbuhl would like to give the viewers opportunities that help to open the aperture, creating new ways to discover and own works from exceptional artists, while seeking to retain the elevation of quality and depth of expression that makes art such a transformative human experience.The show features limited edition prints, screen prints, and iconic posters depicting mostly attractive realistic portraits from various sources, with frequent references to the artist's whole body of work. These unique items will be on show in the downtown Los Angeles site, 807 S Los Angeles St. Certain artworks on display come from various private collections and will not be available for sale. The Iconic Edition is the first exhibition of Lorin Gallery dedicated to the edition by artists whose work established its reputation for technical ambition and continued aesthetic sensibility and will be on view from through.


About Cyril Brechbuhl


Cyril grew captivated with figurative artworks after visiting galleries and museums all around the world. His career as a trainer for the French Tennis Federation helped him expose his mind to many cultures, which was ideally matched by the spirit of a researcher. He thinks the Art world has the same drive to find new ways to influence viewers and make a difference. Cyril would dare to speak of performance as something similar to Art or Sport.


Cyril Brechbuhl statement


"My point of interest is the power of emotions revealed by the piece and the lineup of the artists. I consider details and colors like being helpful to come into an artwork. I also believe it helps us better visually experience one another’s feelings, an exchange of information without using words. I enjoy it when pieces help to celebrate and capture the spirit, essence, and heritage of different kinds of lives and struggle of people whose stories can be inspiring or highlighting. All pieces have been chosen to trigger emotions of pride or shyness, power or lack of confidence, and sometimes even humor with ink on master. It’s all about the story of the pieces, which words cannot fully explain. As it is a very important part of the enhancement of an edition I chose to present them already framed by my own aesthetic taste.For a majority of art collectors, collecting a great work by an established artist can seem impossible. Along with the issue of scarcity, works by high-demand artists are often astronomically expensive and far out of reach for most collectors. But there is still a way to collect works by these impossible-to-collect artists.

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