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06.10.2023 --- 08.05.2023

La Brea Gallery


Alex Cutler's paintings, drawings, and poetry offer a unique perspective on the abundance of the world around us. Through the eyes of a constant observer, his work plays into the richness and absurdity of the visual world. Cutler's compositions are blooming with an array of images, objects, and typography, delivered in a multitude of styles. He draws inspiration from the ubiquitous and the sentimental, the past and the present, the tragic and the comedic, seeking harmony in the wrangling in of these concepts, colors and forms. This exhibition is a testament to the “anything-goes” attitude I have cultivated in my studio practice. A world where freedom and exploration is rewarded; where the mundane and the gilded have an equal voice in the conversation. 


Accompanied by his paintings and drawings, this exhibition offers a new layer of depth into the artist's creative process through his private writings. Cutler's poetry is glimpse into the seriously playful mind of the artist who can’t look away. 

Born in California in 1988, Alex Cutler spent his formative years across America’s Southwest fromArizonatoWyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado. Heearned his BFA in painting at theMetropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 afterattending Front Range Community Collegein Boulder. His paintings have been featured in solo and group shows in Los Angeles, Denver,and Santa Fewith his most recent, notableparticipation at the Institute of Contemporary Art,LA.Cutler’s work is included in private collections throughout the country, and hebeen profiled inseveralpublicationsonline. Hecurrently lives and works in Los Angeles

alex cutler.jpeg
_24 hour Live_ 44x44 in oil on canvas.jpg

"24 Hour Live   2023.      44 x 44 in

_over the rainbow_ 60x72in Oil and acrylic on canvas.png

"Over the rainbow"   2023.      72 x 60 in

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