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05.22.2021 --- 06.19.2021


Avenue des Arts is pleased to present Oky Rey Montha’s upcoming solo exhibition Infinity. Montha, a multimedia artist from rural Indonesia, presents us with a moving body of work stemming from ideas on life, imagination, convention, and change. Infinity contains dynamic and powerful surreal pop paintings that seem to freeze moments in time. 
Montha is constantly developing the style and subject matter of his work. This unique collection of works, developed under pandemic conditions, was both challenging and stimulating for Montha as a pop-surrealist artist. Montha often uses references from other activities to generate ideas for his fantastical paintings, but self isolation urged his imagination to produce some of his most interesting ideas and artworks yet. Infinity is inspired by fictitious superhero characters and dynamics of power, energy, imagination, and adventure. Montha describes his imagination as a never-ending source of inspiration with no limits or boundaries– allowing him to create his dark whimsical, ever-changing art pieces. 

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