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11.21.20201 --- 12.12.2020

Point of View

Avenue des Arts is proud to present, recent New York Academy of Art MFA graduate, Meg Rossetti’s debut solo exhibition, “Point of View”. Showcasing over 20 pieces including paintings, monotypes, and ink and graphite studies, Rossetti is searching for sexual agency through paint. 

In the day and age when private digital photos are easily taken and shared to partners that were once trusted, “Revenge Porn” is a very real scenario. Rossetti infers that “the internet may have laid the groundwork for the advent of revenge porn, but the mindset that fuels this practice has been deeply engrained into our society for years.” After ending a relationship where private photos were exchanged, she was no longer confident that they would remain for the receiver’s eyes only. Instead of waiting for her ex-partner to leak the photos, Rossetti decided to take control of the situation and recreate the photos that are commonly seen as risqué and dirty, into fine art oil paintings, which are traditionally looked at with respect and admiration. By asking models to send their own selfies, the power is restored into their own hands, adds a layer of curation, and allows each model’s unique voice to be heard. 

After completing her selfie painting series, Meg Rossetti continues to dig deep into the way women’s bodies are hypersexualized. After focusing on painting realistic oil paintings from photo reference, she is now abstracting the female form and reimagining bodies by contrasting sexualized body parts with non- sexualized body parts. Rossetti aims to create a world in which “bodies just exist and maybe certain exposures won’t be judged based on gender.”

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