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2022 Sculpture by LY​

6/24/22 at Noon

6/25/22 at 5pm PST online

La Brea Gallery




After two years of patiently waiting and preparing for this release, LY invites all of her fans to come to Lorin Gallery at the corner of La Brea and Melrose to present her latest release. 

We are excited to bring LY’s new sculptures to our La Brea gallery. “Waiting for Luv” will be available in two different sizes. LY's goal with this sculpture is to give back all of the LUV and happiness she held following these two challenging years of the pandemic. This artwork shows that in-between bright and dark moments, hope can shine even through the gray shades. 

Lorin gallery will be open for one day only, sometime next week, to place an order. Availability will be first come, first serve. 
In order to give the opportunity for everyone that can not come physically to the gallery. The preview will have a sale as well online. In order to get more details on the day and time, please look on our Instagram for live information. 

As LY would say: “Sometimes, LUV is waiting for something under his favorite gray tree.”

Edition details


Two sizes: 33cm & 52cm //  / 13in & 20in 


Small: Edition of 300 // $1800

Big: Edition of 50 // $4000


Poly resin sculpture packaged in custom crate.


Stamped signed and numbered on bottom + certificate

Release Date:

Friday 6/24/22  at noon in our La Brea Gallery 607 N La Brea Avenue 

Saturday 6/25/22 at 5pm PST on our store

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